Medieval city tour

When: all year round
Departure time:
flexible – depends on your timetable
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 10€ per person (20% discount for advance payment)

Have you ever wondered how life looked behind the walls of a small medieval city?

Or tour starts on liberty square where we will be standing on top of the medieval moat. In the distance we will see the former castle on Piramida hill where the cities story starts. I will paint the picture of the city 500 years ago and we will enter through the Graz gate into the city walls. On the Castle square we will discover that the city castle was a lot bigger until some 150 years ago. The st. Florian statue is a testament to medieval wooden architecture and maybe even the reason why the fires stopped. We will follow the only road trough the city past Vetrinjski Dvor Mansion to the Jewish square in the SE corner of the city wall. The Jews were the main driving force of the cities growth in its first two centuries.

We will exit the city walls and walk on the Drava embankment. The river is now a far cry from its gold days when it was extremely dangerous to swim in. After visiting the 400 year old Old Vine we will enter the medieval city trough one of the classic roads – The Butchers passage – the roads back then were named after the happenings on them. Koroška street is where most of the city fires started and where the exit out of the city was located – The Carinthyan gate. If we get lucky we can see a modern market on the Main Square. Next to the Plague column I will explain how a smart baker survived the plague.The oldest building in the city is located on Slomšek square – Cathedral dates to the 12th century. The tower next to it was the home of the fire watcher. For the last part of our tour we will walk to the 500 year old Čeligi tower close to the NW wall corner. We will walk on the former moat back to our starting point close to the Vinag wine cellar.

This is just an example of a medieval tour. All tours can be customized and tailored to your needs and interests.

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