Jogging tour

When: all year round
Departure time:
flexible – depends on your timetable
: 4 – 6 kilometers
10 € per person (20% discount for advance payment)
Equipment: sport shoes, sport clothes. I will have a backpack to carry your things

For the active people. Experience a new way of discovering the city. It can be with a slow jog or a fast run for the experienced sportsman. The rhythm is yours.

Our jogging tour starts on Leon Štukelj square – the square is named after the greatest Slovenian Olympian and resident of Maribor. We will jog to the train station and across the Tomšič tree avenue to the city park. We will make a round across the park with a stop at the Three ponds. From there we will return to the city center and go past the main sights: Castle square with the city castle, The Jewish square – here we will do some stretching and a couple of exercises – Lent with the Old Vine, past the city market to the Main square with the City hall and Plague column. From there we will turn north to Slomšek square and the Cathedral. Depending on your form we will finish the jog along the length of the north city wall (from the Čeligi tower to the castle) or we will go directly to Leon Štukelj square.

The jogging speed and tour length will be modified to suit your form and to give you a nice experience of the city. We will make a couple of stops to stretch and do some strength exercises.

This is just an example of a jogging tour. All tours can be customized and tailored to your needs and interests.


For more information and reservations please fill in the form, send a email or call me.